A few notes to help you understand the operation:

  1. We operate a Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS).
  2. The SUAS must remain within line of sight of the pilot at all times, being no more than 500 meters horizontally and 400 vertical feet from the pilot.
  3. We operate in dry calm conditions not exceeding wind speeds of 17 MPH.
  4. The SUAS must remain at least 50 meters away from any vehicle, vessel, structure or person that is not under the direct control of the pilot. During takeoff or landing this limit is reduced to 30 meters. If the subject is under our direct control then it is up to the pilots discretion.
  5. All pilots are BNUC-S qualified.
  6. The ultimate responsibility for safety during the operation is the pilot.

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We operate a 3 man crew as standard. Pilot, Camera Gimbal Operator and Operation assistant. Our pilot is Roger Laxon an experienced cameraman in the UK. Roger has worked on a variety of productions over the years and knows what directors are looking for when it comes to getting the images needed. He has worked with sound recordist James Baker for many years and he takes up the senior Camera Gimbal Operator role. They have a great understanding of the safety and ability of the aerial system. An added bonus of this team is they are able to shoot everything needed on the ground as a documentary crew and also cover all the aerial work. This is useful when traveling or when a small amount of aerial work is required.